What does insensitivity and this blog author have in common?

February 8, 2008

Katrina bashing and Clueless Katrina commentary, that’s what. This blog made me puke today. “Why New Orleans Should Have Drowned”. The author appears to be jobless after this post. Gee, I wonder why?


4 Responses to “What does insensitivity and this blog author have in common?”

  1. louisianaquestions Says:

    Evidently, the author also is now living at home with her parents, unlike Salvador, who has been sleeping somewhere at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. and South Derbigny Street.


    Lizzy Ratner

    Even by New Orleans’s forgiving standards, the church at the corner of South Derbigny Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is a startling monument to decay and neglect. Once a gaudy Spanish-style structure, it was abandoned several years ago after its eccentric owner was murdered and now hovers like some creepy Stephen King creation over one of the city’s roughest neighborhoods. In front stands a torchless replica of the Statue of Liberty, a pair of Mardi Gras beads dangling from her crown, while inside, a jumble of busted tiles, fire-charred debris, mold and electrical wires fill the empty rooms. An inscription etched beneath a small statue of Jesus in the main chapel promises better times to come: “Now indeed you have sorrow, but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice.”

    This message of hope, however, did not seem to have reached the 42-year-old man who lay on a dingy foam pallet on the second floor of the church one crisp November night. Skinny and scraggly-haired, with a rumbling, freight-train cough, he gave his name as Salvador and said he had come to New Orleans a year ago to join the teams of immigrant laborers working to rebuild the city. At first he had made enough money to rent his own room, but somewhere along the way day labor had become scarce, and in October he lost his place. He had been sleeping on the floor of the church–sometimes alongside other Mexican workers, sometimes by himself, always with the rats and mice–ever since.

  2. Hey Noble Mon, you do a really great blog. I had to stay away from that (b-word) after stepping in her (fecal material) last fall.

    T’anks for keepin’da lights on NOLA.
    editilla~NO News Ladder

  3. Ayn Says:

    I am the author of Why New Orleans Should Have Drowned, and you know what? Everything I write in my blog are my thoughts both good and bad about the city. It is not senseless New Orleans bashing. I lived there. And as for my joblessness? What does that really have to do with anything? Especially my writing? I am currently better employed than you ever will be.
    How can this blog be “clueless” if I was there and lived it? Maybe you should think about that. This blog expresses all of my feelings, and had you given it more than a simple scroll through, you would see that I have more positive things to say about LA than negative. In fact, I am planning to move back there as soon as possible. Maybe you are the one doing the senseless bashing?

  4. louisianaquestions Says:

    “Why can’t these people find one place to live? (I know, I know. Some of the people can’t for health reasons, etc., but those people who really, honestly can’t are few and far between.) The majority of the people are lazy and waiting for the government, FEMA, a church, their family, someone (anyone) else to do it for them. That is what is wrong with New Orleans….” noladrowned.wordpress.com 29 Nov. 2007

    The author is not only clueless, but was at the time of her post, living with her parents. On 3/04/09 she retorted to the effect, “How can this blog be “clueless” if I was there and lived it?”.

    First of all, noladrowned.wordpress said, “Why can’t these people find one place to live?”

    That statement, coming from someone who is living with her parents, is clueless.

    Secondly, simply living in New Orleans, or not living in New Orleans, gives you no credibility or basis for making the following generalization.

    You said: “The majority of the people are lazy and waiting for the government, FEMA, a church, their family, someone (anyone) else to do it for them. That is what is wrong with New Orleans….”

    You are wrong, insensitive and clueless to housing issues. Your generalizations, while are admittedly, are your entitled opinion, are STILL CLUELESS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

    I’m not surprised.

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