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What is mambo?

February 5, 2008

It’s finding $50 bucks on a street full of drunk people, elbowing downtown for a bite to eat, AND winning my bet on the Giants winning the Super Bowl.

Fat Tuesday here I am. I’d like to thank 13 Possums for that meal today. It was, just normal, that topped it off with,

“I’m going to
pull myself up over the side, and get
all the way out of my mind.” – from Just Normal by Evertt Maddox via 13 Possums


Is this a call to arms or a call to vote or both?

February 5, 2008

“It is hopefully within the citizens of the United States’ power to address the failures of our laws and agencies,” he said. “If not, it is certain that another tragedy such as this will occur again.”

~Judge Duval on his ruling concerning the levy lawsuit.  (from:  Thanks-Katrina, “This Sucks”)  You can read more about the issue from Sandy @ Levees. org.

I can see this happening again, but I can also see that action is in the hands of Americans at  I don’t foresee much being done on the subject.  It’s like is another billion dollar toilet seat subject or something.  People elsewhere are not really concerned with the levees in Louisiana enough to motivate politicians or local leaders into changing what has occurred. I wish more Americans would fix America.