Where is Ben?

Walking the walk    Ben Poor, yes that’s what he says his name is!, is walking to New Orleans from Indiana.  A total of over 868 miles.  that is almost twice the width of hurricane Katrina.  He is a Ball State student and is scheduled to arrive August 16, 2007.  Emergency Communities    has blogged a bit about Ben here. Mark Weiner has listed two news stories about Ben’s journey.  Ball State also has a community at Live Journal.  As of August 8, 2007 Ben’s website has not been updated.  Where is Ben?  He does list a few photographs, however.


Emergency Communities has a blog that gives some information on the Ninth Ward rebuilding efforts.

4 Responses to “Where is Ben?”

  1. Ben Poor Says:

    Sorry, I haven’t had the time to update very much lately. I’ve been very busy what with working with EC and trying to buy a new phone (I got pickpocketed). And yes, Ben Poor is my real name!

  2. Mike Poor Says:

    I can confirm that is his real name. Ben arrived in New Orleans Thursday August 9th. There are some videos up on WDSU and at weather.com on the abrams & bettes page. He’s been working on projects with Emergency Communities since his arrival. Classes start soon back at Ball State so he will be on a plane back to Indiana in a couple days.

  3. louisianaquestions Says:

    Im sorry you were pickpocketed! Thank you for all that you’ve accomplished!

  4. Ryan David Poor Says:

    Hi Ben I am very proud of you. See you sometime!!!

    Love Your cousin Ryan Poor Go Cardinals and Boilers

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