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Normal Presidential Propaganda

March 15, 2009

Normal is not snow.
Normal is not below 80*.
Normal is not rain that sprinkles daily.
Normal is not my pillow.
Normal is not underfoot.
Normal is not my yard.
Normal is not my flower bed.
Normal is not my grocery store.
Normal is not mine anymore.
Kiss my a** normal.
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Is the party over?

February 27, 2009

Guard to pull out of New Orleans after 3 1/2 years (AP);_ylt=AgweDIq.LSyvItww6XkbD.rZn414

Douglas Whitmer out as chief of staff at Louisiana’s FEMA office

Who was Cayne Miceli?

January 21, 2009

Today started out bad and just got worse…. and worst.  It’s quite possible that I should’ve stayed in bed today… and not gotten  up to read bloggers at all!