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Text alerts from NOAA less is more and lessons learned

August 31, 2008

The site declares that it is an experimental weather alert service for your mobile device. Lessons learned from Katrina and press releases from the GSM World News indicate an increased usage of cell phones. What the NOAA website offers is wonderful, however, not all cell phones will be able to view alerts. Those cell phones with text only access and no web access will not be able to receive alerts. It leaves out the “little guy” who does not have a major cell phone carrier. You can read more about the 2005 report from GSM World News here .

Today is the last day of the NWS web services via wireless technology poll:

I know of only one website that offers to send an SMS for free via the internet. Of course, sometimes when phones do not work, your DSL or cable might. This is all pending you have electricity and a computer, of course. can deliver a text message via the internet.

If I’m wrong, let me know. This may be helpful.


Free Text Message via the internet

What are ARRL volunteers up to?

August 31, 2008

This page is for Amateur Radio operators who wish to connect with served agencies who need communication assistance during Hurricane Gustav.