Five years ago: Why did you call me?

August 28, 2010

…..b/c the crime rate will go up-i see it already.
…..b/c I can’t call anyone else-landlines suck.
…..b/c a bad situation got worse.
…..b/c the gas is going up.
……b/c rent is going up.
….b/c I was told that, “Sometimes the little guy *GETS IT* – by a very nice part-time COP”
….b/c I see corruption.
….b/c I don’t like what I see.
….b/c nothing will ever be the same.
….b/c people are living under bridges.
….b/c the hospitals are ?
…..b/c public transportation is ?
….b/c there is green everywhere, but its not IN THE LEAVES. (military)

You really had to ask, why? Must you throw that question in my face? Are you for REAL?


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