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What are dueling media banjos?

August 28, 2010

Talk about political mumbo jumbo that diverts from the fundamental idea and this comes into focus.

Someone got it right.
The Restoring Honor Rally is a non-political and non-partisan event. All proceeds will go to the 501 (c)3 charity The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).

Another dueling banjo – Michelle Malkin

“Post-racial America, we never knew you.”


See also :
“The most obvious point is that the media focus on race and poverty has tended to mask the issue of age.”

Restoring Honor

Why are they still missing……?

Who cares for the welfare of the elderly in Louisiana?

Five years ago: Why did you call me?

August 28, 2010

…..b/c the crime rate will go up-i see it already.
…..b/c I can’t call anyone else-landlines suck.
…..b/c a bad situation got worse.
…..b/c the gas is going up.
……b/c rent is going up.
….b/c I was told that, “Sometimes the little guy *GETS IT* – by a very nice part-time COP”
….b/c I see corruption.
….b/c I don’t like what I see.
….b/c nothing will ever be the same.
….b/c people are living under bridges.
….b/c the hospitals are ?
…..b/c public transportation is ?
….b/c there is green everywhere, but its not IN THE LEAVES. (military)

You really had to ask, why? Must you throw that question in my face? Are you for REAL?