Is the VOO program hiring commercial fisherman, first?

June 2, 2010

This story from Bayou, Le Batre, Ala. really started the day off.

“At issue, according to those there, is that recreational boat owners are being hired before those who make their livelihoods solely from fishing local waters.”


Evidently, BP’s VOO program is in question, “We are adjusting the vessels of opportunity program to give priority to commercial vessels and fisherman.”

There’s a post in the Louisiana Sportsman forum stating that boat captains could be paid $35/hr just to drive the boat. I wonder what that’s all about.

2 Responses to “Is the VOO program hiring commercial fisherman, first?”

  1. louisianaquestions Says:

    Incidently, VOO stands for Vessels of Opportunity Program. NOT Volunteer Opportunity Program. “Foster, of Heron Bay, who was hired by BP through its vessels of opportunity program, said he and his crew were on standby for 14 days and submitted an invoice for payment. That was more than a week ago.”

    • mike Says:

      thought i was the only one with that kind of luck been fishin over 20 years and watching recs trying to save our livelyhood all they want is the money I WANT MY LIFE BACK we gulfcoast fisherman need to ban together we are getting a raw deal one mad and depressed mississippi fisherman

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