Oh God?

February 26, 2009

Michelle Malkin, one of my favorite authors, a mom, AND a blogger, had this to say about Jindal’s speech.

“I’ll take Bobby Jindal’s genuine faith in American entrepreneurship over Barack Obama’s fear-mongering-turned-faux Reaganism any day.”

The NYT, which I abhore, went on to quote someone as saying Jindal’s speech “was a flop.”  The problem here was that Republicans, and all American’s didn’t “go through a hurricane.”  Yes, the hurricane made the headlines, but unless you were directly impacted by the hurricane, you wouldn’t have a clue as to Gov. Jindal’s point.

MSNBC really said, “Oh God?”.  I love MSNBC.  Did they go the way of KIRO 710, too? I’m going to have to question my feelings on KIRO and NBC from now on…


One Response to “Oh God?”

  1. louisianaquestions Says:

    There’s an improvement in the economy already. People are saving money by not buying the NYT, and two job openings. One at KIRO, and one at MSNBC.

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