What’s in the news for me today?

July 23, 2007

News from the net

Retreat planned to discuss issues

Jefferson Parish sues over New Orleans pump station

HUD extends rental aid program


Southeastern channel airs growth documentary

Group wants FEMA to stop selling or donating travel trailers

From LiveJournal 

More ignorance wrote: wcurtis in neworleans @ 2007-07-21 08:32:00
Anyone else care to send letters to correct this nutjob-generated, ignorance-filled tirade against the rebuilding published in the enlightened republic of Nebraska:


“The continued hand-wringing over rebuilding efforts (and our tax money being spent) in New Orleans is starting to wear real thin on me… Seems to me the smartest response is to simply rebuild the poverty-ridden city on higher ground; just annex the neighbors like Omaha did….

“Instead, in New Orleans (and Washington) it seems they’d rather point fingers, hold out their cup, or label the poor response as racism. That and blame the President, FEMA, the Red Cross, National Guard and the war in Iraq. Where is the federal relief money? Where is their FEMA trailer?”

Perhaps point out that most of the progress to date is despite FEMA, not because of it. And perhaps ask him which port he thinks allowed Nebraska to export its grain and beef to the world.
By: Louisiana Questions
2007-07-23 05:50 pm UTC
This guy needs a history lesson from a 1950’s Louisiana student textbook that states New Orleans is above sea level, just before the advent and launching of GIS systems and satelites. With comments like those he’s likely to be nominated to go up in the next launch and calculate sea level himself from space! I barely noticed this LJ post until I read it posted to these two blogs today.

Gentilly Girl and FEMA Katrina and other bad words

This story is one for the Clueless Katrina Comments file.


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