Who is avoiding another N* word?: The Associated Press.

June 27, 2007

I’ve come to certain conclusions with regards to the Associated Press and the media in general. The message is buried here, in the following post.

Weekend press reports indicate that the majority moving back to Louisiana and New Orleans are young couples. I despise realitors and agents who are selling out homeowners in Louisiana to those “come here folks” in the wake of Katrina. It’s especially painful for those who can’t go home and are forced to sell.

What is Normal?

It appears that there are people who still live nextdoor to abandoned buildings…we knew that!

Photos from Live Journal recently reveal much. Scratch Life – Posts a photograph of an abaondoned home in New Orleans. The subtitled comments offer clues to so called “normalcy”. “I play kickball outside, and I happened to photograph this house while I was there.” You just don’t live near abandoned buildings ravaged by Katrina on the West Coast of California or even Seattle.

Feild Negro @ Blogspot – He gets the Katrina thing, but he’s supposively a black Jamaican lawyer living in Philadelphia! The juxtaposition of terms there incited a feeling of “home” and a slight smile. (I really couldn’t believe someone would name his/her blog “Field Negro” to start with – but it was a treat.) Among his rants was the thought that if Katrina were to hit Seattle, GW would’ve been right there. -I can’t support this as I’m just madly in love with the Prez., but he may be right…as rain…

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Beyond Katrina ‘s article, “Normal” is So Yesterday – Finally, recognition of FACTS indicates the rest of America wears those blinders you see on jackass’s. I’m not sure who has to be more stubborn, persistant, and steadfast in their beliefs and goals and everyday life, those who live with the reminders of the storm daily, or those who ignore what I’m seeing. This article from Beyond Katrina . . . I lack words for explaination . . .

Thanks Katrina shares a few photos of Normalcy on her hubby’s commute.

There are a few other parish’s who have similar issues, however, more rural in nature. Live Journal acknowledges a few more “normal” posts and comments from Jefferson. Reports from Dreamflower’s mathom-house @ Live Journal.

“Things are pretty much getting back to normal.” – Everytime I heard the word normal, it beligerantly slapped me in the face.

Normal isn’t reading this list of items and answering the questions in order to determine whether or not you should go “home.” (PDF FILE) Why should anyone have to ask themselves the following if everything is back to normal?

Voices of New Orleans posts from Live JOurnal on the Road Homeless.

Private dollars leading recovery of New Orleans – Christian Science Monitor

From NOLA, but made NBC news, Study links hurricanes to teen smokers — It’s just an idiot reporters sidelining of Real Katrina issues in Beaumont, Texas. Someone from Beaumont told me he’s sick of the “five generations of welfare” in New Orleans that has increased the Texas crime rate. He doesn’t understand the statistics on persistant poverty in over 1/2 of Louisiana’s 64 parish’s. He doesn’t understand that persistant poverty remains due to the poor not having a voice in local politics, their communities, or a hand in the local government. The poor don’t play a role in the recovery process, either, after Katrina. They aren’t allowed to go home. It’s really smug of Beaumont to mention teen smoking, since the first guy from Beaumont I met this week prior to the article, loves Canadian dope. I’ve seen the AP speeding over Lake Ponchatrain out of New Orleans. It’s no wonder I’m holding the Associated Press in contempt. The AP just isn’t there…I agree with Beyond Katrina’s posting today that “Katrina” just doesn’t make headlines in the major media outlets. Nothing substantial, credible, or worthy of print anyway. It really is disgusting to witness. I’m led to believe (I can’t believe I’m saying this) the major media outlets, in their frustration for a real story, sat back and rolled a fat one.

I should’ve had decaf coffee this am. Here’s a normal post Katrina poem.

Normal is not snow.
Normal is not below 80*.
Normal is not rain that sprinkles daily.
Normal is not my pillow.
Normal is not underfoot.
Normal is not my yard.
Normal is not my flower bed.
Normal is not my grocery store.
Normal is not mine anymore.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not the National Guard parked outside.
Normal is not the crime rate.
Normal is not living here.
Normal is not at home.
Normal does not live here.
Normal is not my school.
Normal is not my school board.
Normal is not my new friends.
Normal is not my neighbor.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not the formaldehyde level.
Normal is not my shoes.
Normal is not my furniture.
Normal is not my memory.
Normal is not the trees.
Normal is not the bus.
Normal is not the radio stations.
Normal is not the latitude or longitude or wind speed.
Normal is not Katrina.
Normal is not the Road Home.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not my local Government.
Normal is not my Federal Government.
Normal is not my levee.
Normal is not my canal.
Normal is not my city.
Normal is corrupt.
Normal is self rightous.
Normal is proud.
Normal is a sense of humor.
Normal is not laughing.

Reports from Dreamflower’s mathom-house @ Live Journal

More Poems

{Footnote: The New York Times seemingly just picked upp the pace with its July 12, 2007 article. Please let them know they “suck”.}


One Response to “Who is avoiding another N* word?: The Associated Press.”

  1. louisianaquestions Says:

    Just Normal

    The poem made my Mardi Gras

    for Bob Woolf

    Now I don’t care about hum-drum
    order any more than
    you do. I sympathize
    with Huck Finn’s taste for
    the mixed up. This is no
    tight ship. I wouldn’t
    want my moments run off on an
    assembly line like toy ducks. That’s
    not the point: it’s been
    raining possums for a month. And now,
    when I’m absolutely up to my neck in
    a whole bathtub of concerns, you
    walk in unannounced, wearing
    an ETERNITY sweat-shirt and leading some
    kind of out-of-date dog on a leash, and
    shake my slippery hand and tell me
    “Just normal, thanks.” Well, no
    thanks. I’ve had enough. I’m going to
    pull myself up over the side, and get
    all the way out of my mind.

    Posted in Everette Maddox, poem, poetry |
    Tags: Everette Maddox, poem, poetry

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