What stinks at the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness?

June 26, 2007

The Levees were not included in the Louisiana GIS CD!

How long were the gas lines on the evacuation routes after Katrina, Rita, and Wilma? Is there enough gas supplied on the routes?


Opinions from Times Pic indicate that Levees management and engineering by the Corps are responsible for the flooding. The 17th St. Canal in particular is of interest as I know of people who had to evacuate this area during Katrina due to the massive flooding from the failure – Senior Citizens.

The fact remains that no one bothered at the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness to ask questions concerning the levees when they acted in cooperation with LSU, several La. State Offices, and USGS. The Levees were not included in the Louisiana GIS CD. I believe when eight to ten State offices omit something as large as the levees in a database of the entire state of Louisiana that includes local roads and pipelines and bridges there is a VERY GREAT chance that no one cared about them or there were questions of integrity at the time of its creation. The funny part about the whole ordeal I’m bringing to light here is that LSU assisted, too. And LSU was rumored, due to the lack of communication services after Katrina, to have been the first to announce the approaching hurricane in 2005 (Katrina). Nevermind the fact that the simulcast from television to radio at the time of August 26 (Friday) @ 6 AM did not include a vocal hurricane path or position for the hours ahead. The simulcast television station just referred to her visual map instead of making vocalized acknowledgments that would of been vital to EVACUATION TIMELINESS. Alas, all OEP offices, incl. the Louisiana emergency web site will ask you to listen to your local emergency radio station – regardless of their ability to broadcast the weather effectively to the masses via radio from behind their television cameras at the station. Not everyone in Louisiana watches television – that’s why there is radio and its why radio existed long before television. 2005 reports from WWL radio station indicated that there were people in Louisiana prior to Katrina who did not have telephone service – in two parish’s. Yeah, its a state where over or at least one half of its inhabitants (parish’s) are living at below the poverty level and in rural areas. It was defined as persistant poverty. Katrina emphasized this through the Brookings Institution and articles by B. Quigley , both a lawyer and professor from New Orleans. You can get the 2005 facts about the state from LSU Agriculture Dept. The communities involved combined with the local authorities, not just the police and fire departments, but the Department of Health and Social Services, hospitals, community leaders, and elected officials have long since been out of touch with these issues in the State of Louisiana. The complexity of “persistant” poverty in half of the 64 parish’s in Louisiana hasn’t been resolved with “welfare reform”. It is the lack of local cooperation in providing services to rural areas that has committed the so called crimes against humanity and the willingness of the local officials to blame the Federal Government in ease. Totally thoughtless, mindless control of tax paying citizens. The receipt for my toilet paper says that I pay state taxes, too! I wish the local leaders would start wiping theirs….instead of crying to the FEDS.

Hurricane protection must be based on facts – NOLA Live 06/26/07 – D. Daniel, Ph.D., P.E. , Chair ASCE Hurricane Katrina, U Texas Dallas

Corps responsible for failures – NOLA Live 06/26/07 Levees.org

Exactly how risky is it to live here?


One Response to “What stinks at the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness?”

  1. It was the role of the US Army Corps of Engineers to “care” about the levees, because by law, the responsibility for the design and construction belongs to the Army Corps. This has been true since 1965, is not disputed, and you can read it yourself in the Government Accountability Testimony to the US Senate on Sept 28, 2005.


    This means, by law not opinion, that the US Army Corps of Engineers and Congress is primarily responsible for the flooding of New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish.

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