Exactly how risky is it to live here?

June 21, 2007

Study Likely to Stir Rebuilding Debate

By Peter Whoriskey

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 21, 2007; Page A02

“If I were moving or returning to New Orleans, I’d have one of these flood maps in my back pocket,” Donald Powell, the Bush administration’s Gulf Coast recovery chief, said at a meeting to release to the information. “I’d want to be safe.”

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{”What that means is there’s a 99 percent chance it’s wrong,” said Joe Suhayda, a retired Louisiana State University professor with extensive experience in storm surge modeling. He is now working as a consultant, reviewing changes to flood elevations in Louisiana.} Wrong meaning the information in the FEMA flood mapping.
The Press Register from Mobile, Alabama cited faulty FEMA flood maps around local River as the reason why a family’s home flooded three times in an 11 month period. The article was sponsored by the Newhouse News Service.

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