Did the CRPC miss the bus?

June 18, 2007

Delta Regional Authority Areas ServicedI have been reading the Delta Regional Authority’s website briefly for the past few hours. I have discovered a wealth of information, however, there are questions concerning the individual Districts within the DRA, which were faulted for not having public transportation out of “da parish’s” during the mandatory hurricane evacuation.

Capital Region Planning & Development Commission
District Two
333 N. 19th St.
P.O. Box 3355
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
ID # 72-1207800
Phone (225) 383-5203
Fax (225) 383-3804
Email: dneisler@brgov.com, pfelarise@brgov.com
Contact: Don W. Neisler
Chairman: John Aberthelot
Executive Director: Don Neisler
DRA Parishes Served: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana
Website: http://www.crpc-la.org

The CRPC website c. 2002 does not have current information with the exception of its PDF file for reports hidden under links from its front page. How relavant is this information post-Katrina? I’ll read at my leisure. The fact remains that the only parish represented by the CRPC in reality is Baton Rouge. East or West take your pick. The other parish’s mentioned in its “about” page are not even recognized in its web layout. It’s another reason to question the “dealings” of Louisiana politicians and further validates the “corruption” present in the State of Louisiana. It is deplorable that the State Capitol of Louisiana is representing its constituents, the citizens and exiled of Louisiana, through this seemingly defunct webpage. It is totally misleading and totally incomplete and bereft of information with regards to the other parish’s it seemingly represents.

Where is the information for . . .

Ascension, East Feliciana, Iberville,
Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, and West Feliciana?

About the CRPC from its website.

The Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC) is a Council of Governments serving the eleven-parish Capital Region, which includes the following Parishes: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana. A Council of Governments is a voluntary association of independent local governments who, through planning and communication, foster cooperation and coordination in resolving area-wide problems beyond any individual constituency’s authority or competence. Individual governments are represented by locally elected officials who must constitute a majority of representation on the Council. CRPC gets its authority, as do the other Regional Commissions in the state, under Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:131 et seq, as amended. All parish and municipal governments in the Capital Region may join CRPC. At present there are 11 parish members and 32 municipal members. . .


The reason for CRPC’s formation was to respond to four basic needs:

1) To provide an effective means of coordination for joint action in resolving common problems resulting from shared air, water, transportation systems, drainage, communication systems, economy, etc.;

2) To review numerous federally funded programs to certify conformity to local and regional plans and to prevent redundancy in federal funding;

3) To provide comprehensive regional planning; and

4) To provide technical assistance to constituent governments, especially for the smaller parishes and municipalities with limited resources. Programs and services provided by CRPC are funded by local member dues (set by the Commission) and by contracts with any local, state, federal, or private agency needing the expertise of the CRPC staff (approved by the Commission).

© Copyright 2002 by The Capital Region Planning Commission

So what is up with this totally misleading info?


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