Is the ICMP still at work in Louisiana?

June 12, 2007

Link to Missing Persons List and Deceased victims of Katrina are on line. 07/15/2007 updated.

On May 31st I commented on Katrinacrat, who was quoting from the Democratic Daily, extensively, who in turn was quoting from an Associated Press writer, Doug Simpson concerning “dislodged coffins” after Rita and Katrina. CNN makes a singular mention of the ICMP in December 2005.

Hurricane dislodged coffins, scattered bodies across Louisiana
Author: DOUG SIMPSON Associated Press Writer
Date: October 14, 2005
Publication: Associated Press Archive

The ICMP could be specific to Katrina identifications, but who really knows the difference after two successive hurricane disasters? CNN does not even mention the ICMP nor does the Associated Press in the last six months to one year. I searched for the year of 2005 as well and came up with bupkiss using: coffins, dislodged, ICMP, International Coalition of Missing Persons, hurricane etc.

CNN Anderson Cooper’s 360 Blog

The blog mentions, but doesn’t link to its previously mentioned post. I’ll have to search for it , however, there is a discrepancy in its post today. CNN states the following:

Last year on this blog, we told you about a warehouse in New Orleans down the street from the Superdome that housed the unidentified and unclaimed dead from Hurricane Katrina. At the time, there was no plan for the 101 bodies sitting in airtight coffins in the nondescript warehouse.

Now let’s get the math straight. 2007 minus 2006 =’s last year. The ICMP states on 29 December 2005 that the State of Louisiana had put them in charge of identification. Nowhere else can I verify the ICMP claim, except through the radio source that I initially learned of the ICMP. I am familiar with the organization since approximately 2003 – 2004 when Jim appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. CNN made small mention of bodies in need of burial, and commenters were sore about it all, but CNN did not post information concerning the issue of identification of those bodies. To my knowledge there were at least two bodies unidentified and buried in Mississippi after the disasters. (unverified newspaper article 2006)

Louisiana Questions CNN’s inability to follow up on its own article. Right along with Matthew’s article at

Louisiana Questions if the ICMP is still in charge of making those identifications as declared by their 29 December 2005 news release. The news release can be found at the ICMP website.

See: Beyond Katrina, ICMP , CNN , Associated Press,



2 Responses to “Is the ICMP still at work in Louisiana?”

  1. LQ Says:

    No response via email from the ICMP to date: June 26, 2007.

  2. louisianaquestions Says:

    No email response from ICMP to date: July 16,2007.

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