Newsweek Bliss & Big Media’s Miss

June 7, 2007

Newsweek posted a photograph and a story of a woman clutching her two children in front of the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina evacuations. They went back a year later to get her story. Newsweek ignored the facts surrounding the evacuations and lack of evacuations of Nursing Homes in the State of Louisiana and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Those back to back wonders of horrification felt in 2005. Most nursing home employees are required to evacuate with the residents if a hurricane evacuation is ordered. Newsweek went on to lambast my President for the lack of assistance available to the poor in Louisiana in another poorly read article. MSNBC didn’t even have its readership rate the story very well. It’s a shame that Newsweek pays some authors for skimming the surface of issues, instead of really getting dirty into the details with regards to Katrina.

With regards to preparations of Nursing Homes in the future, I’ll have to conduct more research. There was recently a meeting that should have information available, however, upon searching initially I found none with the exception of the article I listed on this site under levee’s.

Joseph Donchess, executive director of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, said he has been assured by state and federal officials that enough buses will be available if needed this year. But he expressed skepticism, given that his pleas for state police to help escort nursing home evacuees through pre-storm traffic jams have been rejected.

Upon conducting a search at the Louisiana Nursing Home Association website using “hurricane evacuation” no results issued.

Search results for: “hurricane evacuation”


No results found.

date of search: 06/07/2007 – 1:36PM


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