Lawyers use levee’s as excuse instead of good common sense

June 5, 2007

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Another lawyer argues case using levee’s failure as an excuse for damage the barge caused. Common Sense says don’t leave the barge docked, but take it elsewhere prior to a hurricane’s approach. Was it the levee or was it the barge? COMMON SENSE QUESTIONS are not being asked by lawyers in the name of the almighty dollar. COMMON SENSE says the barge should’ve been docked elsewhere. They emptied it two days prior to the storm. Further preparations like moving the barge out of the area were neglected, much like public transportation for evacuations in and around New Orleans.

A key issue in the case is whether the barge is to blame for the levee breach or whether it floated through an existing gap. Ingram attorney Don Haycraft said several teams of experts have concluded that the barge wasn’t responsible for the levee failure.

Ingram argues its liability shouldn’t exceed its stake in the barge after it ran aground, estimated at about $17,000.

These lawyers are trendy, evidently. The other case where COMMON SENSE was not used during a trial was for the St. Rita’s Nursing Home.


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