Katrina Junkies United Alliance :0)

June 4, 2007

A blog clipping lambasts the on-line fanatics of hurricanes. Nevermind the fact that it came from the Carolinas where they are seemingly unaware of the living conditions in Louisiana. Yeah, the Carolinas where the Mason-Dixon poll was taken outside of the Gulf States. A state where Camille’s destruction likely didn’t litter the shores of Biloxi in the 90’s. I found it amusing, too.

Amateur weather enthusiasts utilizing equipment that broadcasts local weather info to WWL the EMERGENCY CHANEL gives some small towns a place on the map. Places where there is no television, your grandpa still plants by the moon, and local weather is usually figured by dampening your thumb with spit and placing it in front of you. Scientific types don’t always get it right, and even when they have a clue, they don’t always get the word out even with a simulcast of a television broadcast (ie WWL 6AM Friday, August 26, 2005 via radio- Sorry Margaret.) Eventually, people like Margaret and this guy….

Greg Carbone, who teaches climatology courses at the University of South Carolina, worries little about the Web’s hurricane-info overload.

will get the message out that the radio simulcast needs to have the vocalized info instead of just the “look at the map here” forcasts simulcast from EMERGENCY TV  CHANNELS.

(Margaret, did you get the message?)

I added a new catagory for the Carolina paper where this story came from. Junk.


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