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Who is avoiding another N* word?: The Associated Press.

June 27, 2007

I’ve come to certain conclusions with regards to the Associated Press and the media in general. The message is buried here, in the following post.

Weekend press reports indicate that the majority moving back to Louisiana and New Orleans are young couples. I despise realitors and agents who are selling out homeowners in Louisiana to those “come here folks” in the wake of Katrina. It’s especially painful for those who can’t go home and are forced to sell.

What is Normal?

It appears that there are people who still live nextdoor to abandoned buildings…we knew that!

Photos from Live Journal recently reveal much. Scratch Life – Posts a photograph of an abaondoned home in New Orleans. The subtitled comments offer clues to so called “normalcy”. “I play kickball outside, and I happened to photograph this house while I was there.” You just don’t live near abandoned buildings ravaged by Katrina on the West Coast of California or even Seattle.

Feild Negro @ Blogspot – He gets the Katrina thing, but he’s supposively a black Jamaican lawyer living in Philadelphia! The juxtaposition of terms there incited a feeling of “home” and a slight smile. (I really couldn’t believe someone would name his/her blog “Field Negro” to start with – but it was a treat.) Among his rants was the thought that if Katrina were to hit Seattle, GW would’ve been right there. -I can’t support this as I’m just madly in love with the Prez., but he may be right…as rain…

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Beyond Katrina ‘s article, “Normal” is So Yesterday – Finally, recognition of FACTS indicates the rest of America wears those blinders you see on jackass’s. I’m not sure who has to be more stubborn, persistant, and steadfast in their beliefs and goals and everyday life, those who live with the reminders of the storm daily, or those who ignore what I’m seeing. This article from Beyond Katrina . . . I lack words for explaination . . .

Thanks Katrina shares a few photos of Normalcy on her hubby’s commute.

There are a few other parish’s who have similar issues, however, more rural in nature. Live Journal acknowledges a few more “normal” posts and comments from Jefferson. Reports from Dreamflower’s mathom-house @ Live Journal.

“Things are pretty much getting back to normal.” – Everytime I heard the word normal, it beligerantly slapped me in the face.

Normal isn’t reading this list of items and answering the questions in order to determine whether or not you should go “home.” (PDF FILE) Why should anyone have to ask themselves the following if everything is back to normal?

Voices of New Orleans posts from Live JOurnal on the Road Homeless.

Private dollars leading recovery of New Orleans – Christian Science Monitor

From NOLA, but made NBC news, Study links hurricanes to teen smokers — It’s just an idiot reporters sidelining of Real Katrina issues in Beaumont, Texas. Someone from Beaumont told me he’s sick of the “five generations of welfare” in New Orleans that has increased the Texas crime rate. He doesn’t understand the statistics on persistant poverty in over 1/2 of Louisiana’s 64 parish’s. He doesn’t understand that persistant poverty remains due to the poor not having a voice in local politics, their communities, or a hand in the local government. The poor don’t play a role in the recovery process, either, after Katrina. They aren’t allowed to go home. It’s really smug of Beaumont to mention teen smoking, since the first guy from Beaumont I met this week prior to the article, loves Canadian dope. I’ve seen the AP speeding over Lake Ponchatrain out of New Orleans. It’s no wonder I’m holding the Associated Press in contempt. The AP just isn’t there…I agree with Beyond Katrina’s posting today that “Katrina” just doesn’t make headlines in the major media outlets. Nothing substantial, credible, or worthy of print anyway. It really is disgusting to witness. I’m led to believe (I can’t believe I’m saying this) the major media outlets, in their frustration for a real story, sat back and rolled a fat one.

I should’ve had decaf coffee this am. Here’s a normal post Katrina poem.

Normal is not snow.
Normal is not below 80*.
Normal is not rain that sprinkles daily.
Normal is not my pillow.
Normal is not underfoot.
Normal is not my yard.
Normal is not my flower bed.
Normal is not my grocery store.
Normal is not mine anymore.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not the National Guard parked outside.
Normal is not the crime rate.
Normal is not living here.
Normal is not at home.
Normal does not live here.
Normal is not my school.
Normal is not my school board.
Normal is not my new friends.
Normal is not my neighbor.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not the formaldehyde level.
Normal is not my shoes.
Normal is not my furniture.
Normal is not my memory.
Normal is not the trees.
Normal is not the bus.
Normal is not the radio stations.
Normal is not the latitude or longitude or wind speed.
Normal is not Katrina.
Normal is not the Road Home.
Kiss my a** normal.
Normal is not my local Government.
Normal is not my Federal Government.
Normal is not my levee.
Normal is not my canal.
Normal is not my city.
Normal is corrupt.
Normal is self rightous.
Normal is proud.
Normal is a sense of humor.
Normal is not laughing.

Reports from Dreamflower’s mathom-house @ Live Journal

More Poems

{Footnote: The New York Times seemingly just picked upp the pace with its July 12, 2007 article. Please let them know they “suck”.}


What stinks at the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness?

June 26, 2007

The Levees were not included in the Louisiana GIS CD!

How long were the gas lines on the evacuation routes after Katrina, Rita, and Wilma? Is there enough gas supplied on the routes?


Opinions from Times Pic indicate that Levees management and engineering by the Corps are responsible for the flooding. The 17th St. Canal in particular is of interest as I know of people who had to evacuate this area during Katrina due to the massive flooding from the failure – Senior Citizens.

The fact remains that no one bothered at the Louisiana Office of Emergency Preparedness to ask questions concerning the levees when they acted in cooperation with LSU, several La. State Offices, and USGS. The Levees were not included in the Louisiana GIS CD. I believe when eight to ten State offices omit something as large as the levees in a database of the entire state of Louisiana that includes local roads and pipelines and bridges there is a VERY GREAT chance that no one cared about them or there were questions of integrity at the time of its creation. The funny part about the whole ordeal I’m bringing to light here is that LSU assisted, too. And LSU was rumored, due to the lack of communication services after Katrina, to have been the first to announce the approaching hurricane in 2005 (Katrina). Nevermind the fact that the simulcast from television to radio at the time of August 26 (Friday) @ 6 AM did not include a vocal hurricane path or position for the hours ahead. The simulcast television station just referred to her visual map instead of making vocalized acknowledgments that would of been vital to EVACUATION TIMELINESS. Alas, all OEP offices, incl. the Louisiana emergency web site will ask you to listen to your local emergency radio station – regardless of their ability to broadcast the weather effectively to the masses via radio from behind their television cameras at the station. Not everyone in Louisiana watches television – that’s why there is radio and its why radio existed long before television. 2005 reports from WWL radio station indicated that there were people in Louisiana prior to Katrina who did not have telephone service – in two parish’s. Yeah, its a state where over or at least one half of its inhabitants (parish’s) are living at below the poverty level and in rural areas. It was defined as persistant poverty. Katrina emphasized this through the Brookings Institution and articles by B. Quigley , both a lawyer and professor from New Orleans. You can get the 2005 facts about the state from LSU Agriculture Dept. The communities involved combined with the local authorities, not just the police and fire departments, but the Department of Health and Social Services, hospitals, community leaders, and elected officials have long since been out of touch with these issues in the State of Louisiana. The complexity of “persistant” poverty in half of the 64 parish’s in Louisiana hasn’t been resolved with “welfare reform”. It is the lack of local cooperation in providing services to rural areas that has committed the so called crimes against humanity and the willingness of the local officials to blame the Federal Government in ease. Totally thoughtless, mindless control of tax paying citizens. The receipt for my toilet paper says that I pay state taxes, too! I wish the local leaders would start wiping theirs….instead of crying to the FEDS.

Hurricane protection must be based on facts – NOLA Live 06/26/07 – D. Daniel, Ph.D., P.E. , Chair ASCE Hurricane Katrina, U Texas Dallas

Corps responsible for failures – NOLA Live 06/26/07

Exactly how risky is it to live here?

“Did Louisiana say Thank You?” -links to current rebuild N.O.

June 22, 2007

News from suggests A to Z Building, news story of International Association of Business Communication will be in the Ninth Ward in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity today. The link to the story follows.

IABC in Ninth Ward?

“Wells Fargo is delighted to show its support once again for the people of New Orleans and the IABC,” said Alanson Van Fleet, a Wells Fargo vice president and IABC member who will take part in the build. “This dovetails precisely with our desire to further the dream of homeownership in New Orleans and across America.”

Oregon students aid couple

Volunteers pitch in on New Sarpy home

Friday, June 22, 2007By Matt Scallan

Oregon Help in St. Charles Parish


More rebuilding links for this month

NOAH Rebuild in New Orleans

What is Going on in New Orleans?


Message Found

Drugs in New Orleans?

Displaced Blogs

Hurricane Katrina Quiz

Exactly how risky is it to live here?

June 21, 2007

Study Likely to Stir Rebuilding Debate

By Peter Whoriskey

Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 21, 2007; Page A02

“If I were moving or returning to New Orleans, I’d have one of these flood maps in my back pocket,” Donald Powell, the Bush administration’s Gulf Coast recovery chief, said at a meeting to release to the information. “I’d want to be safe.”

Please read the previous post “Uncle Mike,…”

{”What that means is there’s a 99 percent chance it’s wrong,” said Joe Suhayda, a retired Louisiana State University professor with extensive experience in storm surge modeling. He is now working as a consultant, reviewing changes to flood elevations in Louisiana.} Wrong meaning the information in the FEMA flood mapping.
The Press Register from Mobile, Alabama cited faulty FEMA flood maps around local River as the reason why a family’s home flooded three times in an 11 month period. The article was sponsored by the Newhouse News Service.

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A Presidential Debate for New Orleans in 2008?

June 21, 2007

Women of the Storm{Women of the Storm, in concert with Dillard, Loyola, Tulane and Xavier universities, has prepared a unique proposal to the Commission on Presidential Debates to host one of the three official debates in fall, 2008, at the state-of-the-art Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Never before has a consortium of academic institutions joined in a collaboration with a non-profit grassroots group to host such an event – which attracts thousands of media from all over the world and has been compared to the Superbowl in its impact on the host city. The New Orleans application is one of 19 the Commission and its board received. A site visit is scheduled for the summer; selection of debate locations will be announced in the fall. We believe fervently that emergency preparedness, homeland security and disaster relief must remain part of the national dialogue. Nowhere in America is there a more appropriate spot to discuss such pressing issues as New Orleans!} From: Women of the Storm

Did the CRPC miss the bus?

June 18, 2007

Delta Regional Authority Areas ServicedI have been reading the Delta Regional Authority’s website briefly for the past few hours. I have discovered a wealth of information, however, there are questions concerning the individual Districts within the DRA, which were faulted for not having public transportation out of “da parish’s” during the mandatory hurricane evacuation.

Capital Region Planning & Development Commission
District Two
333 N. 19th St.
P.O. Box 3355
Baton Rouge, LA 70821
ID # 72-1207800
Phone (225) 383-5203
Fax (225) 383-3804
Contact: Don W. Neisler
Chairman: John Aberthelot
Executive Director: Don Neisler
DRA Parishes Served: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana

The CRPC website c. 2002 does not have current information with the exception of its PDF file for reports hidden under links from its front page. How relavant is this information post-Katrina? I’ll read at my leisure. The fact remains that the only parish represented by the CRPC in reality is Baton Rouge. East or West take your pick. The other parish’s mentioned in its “about” page are not even recognized in its web layout. It’s another reason to question the “dealings” of Louisiana politicians and further validates the “corruption” present in the State of Louisiana. It is deplorable that the State Capitol of Louisiana is representing its constituents, the citizens and exiled of Louisiana, through this seemingly defunct webpage. It is totally misleading and totally incomplete and bereft of information with regards to the other parish’s it seemingly represents.

Where is the information for . . .

Ascension, East Feliciana, Iberville,
Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, and West Feliciana?

About the CRPC from its website.

The Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC) is a Council of Governments serving the eleven-parish Capital Region, which includes the following Parishes: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington, West Baton Rouge, and West Feliciana. A Council of Governments is a voluntary association of independent local governments who, through planning and communication, foster cooperation and coordination in resolving area-wide problems beyond any individual constituency’s authority or competence. Individual governments are represented by locally elected officials who must constitute a majority of representation on the Council. CRPC gets its authority, as do the other Regional Commissions in the state, under Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:131 et seq, as amended. All parish and municipal governments in the Capital Region may join CRPC. At present there are 11 parish members and 32 municipal members. . .


The reason for CRPC’s formation was to respond to four basic needs:

1) To provide an effective means of coordination for joint action in resolving common problems resulting from shared air, water, transportation systems, drainage, communication systems, economy, etc.;

2) To review numerous federally funded programs to certify conformity to local and regional plans and to prevent redundancy in federal funding;

3) To provide comprehensive regional planning; and

4) To provide technical assistance to constituent governments, especially for the smaller parishes and municipalities with limited resources. Programs and services provided by CRPC are funded by local member dues (set by the Commission) and by contracts with any local, state, federal, or private agency needing the expertise of the CRPC staff (approved by the Commission).

© Copyright 2002 by The Capital Region Planning Commission

So what is up with this totally misleading info?

55,000 Questions: Are you registered to vote in Louisiana?

June 18, 2007

LQ wants to know if your registered to vote in Louisiana as the registrar has updated its voter rolls. Be sure to check the Displaced voter information link in the blogroll to the left. LQ @ Blogger has the info link to the article published from WWL. In April Bayou Buzz wrote the following article concerning voting in Louisiana. There are some interesting comments on Bayou Buzz from displaced folks.

April 26, 2007, Bayou Buzz

Louisiana Post-Katrina Voting Availabilities Could Shape State

Written by: Stephen Sabludowsky

Buzz Back on the article @ Bayou Buzz