Katrina Evictions Illegal: Validation two years after Katrina

May 31, 2007

Finally, I surfed upon an article from Counter Punch in October 2005 describing similar situations I ran into in the aftermath of Katrina. You can find the article here.

Bill can be emailed here: duprestars@yahoo.com

Bill Quigley is a professor of law at Loyola University New Orleans where he directs the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center and the Law Clinic and teaches Law and Poverty.

The big media outlets didn’t broadcast the issues surrounding illegal evictions in the aftermath of Katrina. FEMA doesn’t cover illegal evictions. They are only remedied through filing of Tort cases according to my “Katrina Lawyer”. CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX and ABC never mentioned a word of this that I’ve been made aware to date.

Flickr photo groups Louisiana and New Orleans posted a few links that led me to this article. It was a form of relief no one else had to offer in two years.


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